Precision Sheet Metal Services

The core of our operations is our precision sheet metal manufacturing operation.

Our 55,000-square-foot facility is close to the Bay Area and enables us to take on nearly any technological task and complete it within specs and on time. Our dedicated team and high level of expertise, coupled with our state of the art facility, make us the No. 1 provider of precision sheet metal fabrication for the technology industry in California.

Quality is built into every step of Prompt Precision. Full-service fabrication and manufacturing from Prompt Precision means you’re getting offered the best engineering and lowest cost for your project. 

Prompt’s state-of-the-art facility has all the necessary equipment to take your project from an idea to your doorstep. Complete control over the entire process allows Prompt to deliver the very highest quality product on time and within budget. No matter the scale or complexity of your precision sheet metal needs, Prompt Precision Manufacturing can handle it.

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Our Services

Equipment Capabilities

Our shop features advanced CNC press brakes and a combination laser/punch machine, equipped with cutting-edge automation for efficient production. Our turret punch press handles various thicknesses within a generous work area, boasting electromagnetic technology for enhanced efficiency. Seamlessly integrated with a flexible automation system, our equipment ensures streamlined operations from loading to unloading.

Prompt offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, including laser technology, turret punching, press brakes (both robotic and manual), welding services, and hardware installation. From initial fabrication to finishing touches like painting and screening, we have everything necessary for producing high-quality sheet metal products in-house.

Painting & Silkscreen

Prompt Precision’s additional finishing options help its clients achieve their end product in one place: whether it’s for a specific aesthetic, to enhance durability, or to add branding elements. Prompt Precision’s diverse finishing services cater to a wide range of requirements. With Prompt Precision overseeing powder coating and silk screening, clients benefit from consistent quality control, efficient coordination, and reduced turnaround times.

Prompt has the capability to do powder paint in stock or custom colors. Prompt’s paint department equipment includes multiple industrial gas-fired, walk-in curing ovens and four powder paint booths. Prompt also features three silk screen stations, where we can create custom screens as well as color-match inks. Prompt also features an exposure unit to manufacture the screens in-house, further simplifying and streamlining your project. 

Value-Added Engineering

We always offer our engineering expertise at no additional cost to our customers, because we believe that improving their project only enhances our services and reliability and perpetuates excellent quality workmanship that we pride ourselves on. Our years of experience to create solutions with the best value-added engineering at the lowest cost.

Onsite Mechanical Assembly

Prompt Precision Manufacturing’s turn-key assembly offers complete products to our customers, resulting in faster turnaround, less hassle dealing with third-party assembly, and tighter control over the end product. Prompt Precision can purchase all the mechanical parts and install them for the customer; the customer receives a complete, ready-to-ship product. In addition to time and cost savings advantages, our onsite mechanical assembly enables our team and yours to see your project start to finish, reducing the risk of unexpected issues.