Prompt Precision: A leading manufacturer of metal components for the music industry

Prompt Precision: A leading manufacturer of metal components for the music industry

In the music industry, precision and quality are extremely important. Think about it: a musician needs precise equipment in order to translate their creative expression into music. For decades now, Prompt has been the go-to metal makers for key music makers.

Prompt Precision has always striven to build its products with expertise and efficiency, so it is no surprise that musical instrument makers would gravitate toward our facility in Ceres, Calif. With our extensive line of equipment to bend, punch, and cut metal into the ideal shape and dimensions for instruments such as electronic keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers, Prompt has partnered with several industry leaders in music, such as Sequential LLC, Rossum Electro-Music, Roger Linn Design, and others.

Recently, Sequential delivered a custom keyboard to Taylor Swift. The metal? Prompt Precision made it.

Most of our business comes through word of mouth referrals, and that was the case with Afero CEO Joe Britt, whose hobby of developing a digital interface for one of the first analog synthesizers (the LM-1) took on a life of its own. Britt had a chance to meet with its inventor, Roger Linn, who referred Britt to Prompt Precision for the metal components of the upgraded synthesizer.

“Roger said, ‘I can introduce you to the guys who do my enclosure for The Linnstrument,'” Britt said. “I showed Prompt the enclosure, and how I was trying to change it. I learned, I had been introduced to the Santa’s workshop of synthesizer enclosures.”

Working with Prompt has been a great decision, he said.

“You can build products with teams all over the world, but there are hidden taxes: time, quality, and expectations,” Britt said. “With Prompt, we had this great real-time feedback. I’ve benefitted so much from the ways Prompt has helped us with the enclosures.”

Prompt will continue to partner with music industry veterans as well as newcomers, and our work speaks for itself. Contact Prompt today if you are interested in working with a trusted, tested team for high precision sheet metal enclosures.

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