The foundation of quality starts with the attitude of our people, interacting together to create a world class and collaborative environment aimed towards embracing an active commitment to quality. Prompt Precision Manufacturing, an ISO 9001-2000 accredited manufacturer, has fundamental processes designed to ensure buy cheap propecia online quality from the time the order is placed to the time product reaches your production floor. Quality assurance is not just final inspection of the product, but a strict set of standards, procedures and protocols that we implement at every stage throughout the manufacturing process.


Our formal Quality Management System (QMS) is not only ISO certified, but an integral part of our success. Every member of our team strives to eliminate product defect by continual analysis of our process and its impact on meeting our customer's expectations. With a proactive focus on reducing variations within our process, achieved thru continual improvement, the result is a program that allows us to consistently add value to your product. We have the skills, knowledge, expertise, and tools essential to maintain a QMS program that recognizes that the "whole is greater than just the sum of its parts"

Control Systems

MIETrak - Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management software system designed for the specific needs of the metal manufacturing industry. In use since March 2012, this system consolidates all aspects of our manufacturing process to provide vital data and management information in a real time setting.

FabriWIN - Advanced CAD/CAM system specifically designed for sheet metal manufacturing. With the ability to import customer provided 3D models this software system generates accurate CNC programs that reduce programming time, ensure conformity, and reduce machine run times.

FabriBEND - Sophisticated bending simulation software that allows our programmers to simulate bending operations without leaving the programming room. FabriBEND validates the initial flat pattern with 3-D visualization and press brake process. This provides real-time simulation of the bending process, automatically checking bending feasibility and eliminating costly trial and error processes on our manufacturing floor.


The Quality Management System at Prompt Precision Manufacturing has maintained its effectiveness directly as a result of regularly scheduled audits. These internal and external audits are a measure of how well our quality system is working and provide an indication of where opportunities for improvement exist.